Amenity Block Re-furb

The first big development we undertook in the first months of purchasing the property was an extensive upgrade of the old amenity block. Being around 30 years old the block had certainly seen better days!

The standard has been lifted in recent years, and the consumer now expects a modern and spotlessly clean amenity block, and rightly so we think!

Originally thinking we would start with just removing the old elements in the block – meant we were only left with a big empty shell…. wasn’t such a bad thing as it gave us a bit of a blank canvas to create the brighter, stylish and more durable amenity block we were wanting to achieve for our guests.

The re-furb involved firstly the complete demolition of the interior shower cubicles, toilets, sinks, benches etc. The existing under slab plumbing services were thankfully configured in a way that would suit the new layout.

See below for a few of the before and after photos. Also some of the positive feedback we have received, a BIG thank you to the lovely guests who have provided the great feedback as this wasn’t a cheap operation and was our first benchmark for the future vision of the park!



The old block prior to any works


The old shower cubicles


The old bathroom sinks and benchtops


The empty shell we were left with once we cleared out the old


The beginning of the exterior rendering


The beginning of the exterior rendering



The finished interior


The finished interior

tile-amenity12 tile-amenity13 tile-amenity14 tile-amenity15








Because the developed part of the park is only utilising 3-4 acres of our 16-acres we will be continually making big improvements to the park, if you are interested in following our progress … please follow any of our social media channels, alternatively you can subscribe to our email newsletter

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