Installing the Jumping Pillow

Our long awaited giant jumping pillow is now complete! :)

We thought we’d share with you what was involved in completing this project….

After lodging the various development applications and then receiving the necessary approvals we began prepping the area in which we would install the 20 x 9 metre pillow. Our property being so elevated (16 acres up a hill side) means we are often required to do fairly extensive earthworks each time we are wanting to do something in here. We felt the optimal location for the jumping pillow would be at the base of the property, continuing with the initial master plan that would have all of the recreational facilities (indoor pool, mini golf, soft fall playground etc.) all along the lower bounds of the park.


Pictured here was the area in which the jumping would be installed, surprisingly it doesn’t look as un level as it actually was.


The gradual slope over the proposed area required a large retainer wall

The retainer (up over 1m high) enabled us to level up the area.

To keep all of our kids (big and small :) ) safe, we installed a large fence around the the pillow due to the height of the retainer wall.


The crew from Jumping Pillows started bright and early on the day of installation, the significant amount of clay in the trenches made for a tricky and time consuming effort

We are so happy that guests can now enjoy the pillow! next step is a solid roof overhead so the pillow can be used whatever the weather

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