BIG4 Launceston | Building our ‘City View Villas’
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Building our ‘City View Villas’

Building our ‘City View Villas’

Our four City View Villas were built in 2015 and they were our first new accommodation option in the park. These units were built off-site by TasBuilt Homes and brought in on trucks, which took up most of the street – so much so that they had to close off Glen Dhu Street, as well as cut down a few branches (off the trees along the street) all so they could fit! Cranes were needed to lift the villas into place (with a view of the city), as you can see from the pictures above.

Once everything was in place, we just had to add the furnishings and decorations and these villas were ready for use. The spacious two bedroom units have been very popular for everyone over the years from families to travel or school groups.

Ben (groundsman) has kept the garden and lawns around the villas looking lovely and tidy and the cleaners have done a fabulous job of doing the same on the inside.

We have plans in progress for more to be constructed at a higher altitude, providing an even more breathtaking view of the City and Tamar Valley.