BIG4 Launceston | Save 10%* on every stay
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Save 10%* on every stay

Save 10%* on every stay

Receive exclusive discounts to the best Holiday Parks in Australia

Save 10% on every BIG4 Holiday* with the BIG4 Loyalty Club.

If you love holidays, then you’ll love the BIG4 Loyalty Club. Being a BIG4 Club Member means you’ll not only get savings on BIG4 accommodation but also access to more than 1000 other holiday benefits at a wide variety of local, national, and international services and attractions.

Loyalty Club members are rewarded with status credits each time you stay with at a BIG4 park. Memberships are $50 for 2 years for a new BIG4 Perks+ Membership or $50 for 2 years to renew an existing membership.