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Cataract Gorge

Calling all families! If you’re seeking a day of adventure and relaxation rolled into one, Cataract Gorge is the place to be. Located just a stone’s throw away from BIG4 Launceston, this natural wonderland offers something for everyone. Cataract Gorge is a family-friendly haven that guarantees a day of fun and relaxation. So pack your swimsuits, hiking shoes, and a sense of adventure, and head on over to this natural gem right at our doorstep.

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Market Wrap Up

Launceston boasts a diverse array of markets that showcase the region’s rich culture and produce. The city’s markets are a vibrant reflection of its community spirit and love for locally sourced goods. From the bustling stalls of the Harvest Market, where farmers and artisans offer fresh produce and gourmet delights, to the Sunday Market at Evandale, renowned for its antiques and crafts, Launceston’s markets cater to a wide range of interests.

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City Park

City Park, conveniently located near Big4 Launceston Holiday Park, offers an enchanting escape for families visiting Launceston. This urban oasis boasts a range of family-friendly facilities, providing the perfect backdrop for quality time together. In addition to its amenities, City Park is home to a captivating group of Japanese Macaque monkeys, making it an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy both nature and entertainment.

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TOP 10 Family Experiences

Launceston is a hidden treasure trove of family-friendly activities, and BIG4 Launceston Holiday Park is the ideal home base for your adventures. Our comfortable accommodations and onsite amenities ensure that your family’s stay is as enjoyable as your outings.

Could Our Local Riverbend Park be

Australia's Best Playground

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National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum in Launceston is a fascinating showcase of Australia’s automotive history. Located in the heart of Launceston, Tasmania, this museum features a diverse collection of vintage and classic cars. From meticulously restored Ford Model T’s to elegant Rolls-Royces, the museum offers a captivating journey through over a century of Australian motoring culture. With its engaging exhibits and special events, it provides an informative and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages, making it a must-visit destination for automotive enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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Launceston: Your Ultimate Foodie Destination

Launceston, has earned the prestigious UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation, reflecting its rich culinary heritage and commitment to promoting sustainable and diverse food practices. This accolade acknowledges Launceston’s vibrant food scene, which celebrates the region’s abundant local produce and artisanal food traditions. From its thriving farmers’ markets to its innovative restaurants, the city showcases a unique blend of indigenous, colonial, and contemporary culinary influences. Launceston’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy status is a testament to its dedication to preserving food culture, supporting local producers, and fostering a thriving food ecosystem that delights both residents and visitors alike.