2nd – 4th May 2023

Passionate and hardworking Rural Youth volunteers have been proudly organising Agfest in Tasmania for 39 years, delivering an iconic event declared one of the top three agricultural field days in Australia.

Agfest has grown from the inaugural May 1983 event that attracted 111 exhibitors and 9,000 patrons into a globally-recognised event with more than 700 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees.

Agfest conservatively contributes up to $26 million into the Tasmanian economy each year, with hundreds of businesses relying on Agfest trade and leads to underpin additional business profitability.

For the organisers, aged 15-30 years they develop a wide range of skills, including leadership, teamwork, time management, stakeholder engagement and event organisation.

Rural Youth and it’s seven employees are totally funded by the proceeds from Agfest. The organisation and Agfest continue to develop the confidence, skills and capacity of the State’s young rural leaders as they connect, learn and love tackling the mammoth task of organising the legendary annual Agfest field day.

Photos and information where supplied by Agfest website.