City Park

Local Experiences
  • 45-55 Tamar Street, Launceston
  • Open Year Round
  • Monkey Enclosure open from 8am to 4pm

City Park is a central thoroughfare for the citizens of Launceston coming and going to work in the city, people doing exercise and just a beautiful place to relax. The main entry to City Park Launceston lies perfectly on the edge of the Center of Launceston and is easily reached from there on foot for a relaxing lunch or a wander through the amazing gardens. City Park Launceston has been playing an important part of cultural life in the town since 1820.

The park’s attractions include many gardens, a conservatory, a bandstand, a duck pond, a giant chess board, monuments and a children’s playground. When we were at the City of Launceston park numerous garden beds were in bloom.

The Local Community Radio Station, City Park Radio broadcasts from the studios in a prominent building in the park

The Launceston city parks star attractions are the Japanese Macaques monkeys that inhabit the park. The Macaques are cold-weather animal and are often found in the snow areas of their native Japan. The weather in Launceston is very cold in winter and this cold weather really suits the Launceston city park monkeys.

You may even be lucky enough to hop on board the miniature ‘train ride’ and cruise around the park.