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Bounce Into Fun!

Calling all bouncing beans and little adventurers! Buckle up for epic fun on our GIANT Jumping Pillow! Think of a trampoline the size of a happy hippo, but even better because it’s bursting with colorful fun and guaranteed to launch little ones into fits of giggles. This inflatable masterpiece is the perfect place for energetic explorers to burn off steam and create memories that will bounce higher than ever before!

We know keeping everyone entertained can be a juggling act, so fear not! While your bigger thrill-seekers blast off on the pillow your little ones can also enjoy the surrounding sand to build sandcastles, dig for buried treasure, or simply relax with a bucket and spade.

And to add to the fun, we’ve got a toy box overflowing with animals, shovels and spades and awesome diggers, perfect for little imaginations to run wild in the sand. We guarantee this bouncy bonanza will leave everyone with happy hearts and tired legs – the perfect recipe for a restful night’s sleep (for the little ones, at least!).