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Explore the Wonders of Tasmanian Wildlife

Our captivating taxidermy display offers a close-up look at some of Tasmania’s most remarkable animals. Here, you’ll encounter three fascinating marsupials, each with unique adaptations that have allowed them to thrive in this special environment.

Marvel At These Beauties From Within Our Reception


Tasmanian Devil

An iconic symbol of the state, is renowned for its ferocious screeches and powerful jaws. They are the largest remaining marsupial carnivore in Australia, playing a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.


The Spotted-Tailed Quoll

Tasmania’s second-largest predator, boasts a powerful build and a fierce temperament. Despite their size, they’re surprisingly agile climbers, often scaling trees in pursuit of prey.


Eastern Barred Bandicoot

a critically endangered insectivore, has an incredible sense of smell that helps it unearth hidden insects in the forest floor. Their distinctive barred markings along their back make them easy to identify.