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Say Hello To Our Colossal Animals

Bring your sense of wonder to Big4 Launceston! We’re home to a collection of incredible giant animal statues, meticulously crafted by a talented local artist. These impressive sculptures celebrate the iconic wildlife of Tasmania, bringing these remarkable creatures to life in a way you’ve never seen before. Get up close to towering replicas and learn all about the fascinating animals that call Tasmania home.

Rosie and Charlie - Giant Wombats

Rosie and Charlie

These two beauties located just near the playground. Popular to snap a selfie with plus a unique and somewhat surprising feature sits just behind them



Our giant Wedge-Tailed Eagle Wlater. With a whopping 4 metre wing span he is mighty impressive and looks the part overlooking the city from our park



Our Collection wouldn’t be complete without Kevin the Kangaroo. Don’t forget our park is home to hundreds of these, pop out after dark to see them all.

What's Next

Given the popularity of our animals, we may look to introduce more of them….. watch this space!