Seahorse World

Family Fun

All around the world, crowds gather to admire our seahorses in our famous aquariums.   But you can get much closer to these mysterious creatures at our completely unique facility at Beauty Point, in Tasmania’s beautiful Tamar Valley, just 45 minutes from BIG4 Launceston Holiday Park.

  • Inspection Head Wharf, 200 Flinders Street, Beauty Point
  • Ph: 63 834111
  • Open daily – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Your 45-minute tour commences in “The Cave” which is home to a selection of seahorses and sea dragons. Here you will learn about seahorses and their mysterious behaviour.

We then move into “The Farm” where you get an exclusive ‘behind the scenes look at Australia’s only working seahorse farm. This is where we feed the seahorses and you can see thousands of them in all stages of life from tiny fingernail-sized babies to the larger breeding adults .

Our final room is “The Southern Ocean Aquarium” where we showcase some of the bizarre and mystical creatures found in Tasmanian waters. In this room, you’ll also have the opportunity to get hands-on and touch some of the creatures from the deep as well as hold a seahorse in the palm of your hand. Get your cameras ready!

Don’t miss the awesome cafe upstairs – “The Cormorant, Cafe on the Pier”

Photos Supplied by Seahorse World Website