Steamfest – Tasmania


3rd – 4th June 2024

After over 25 years, the largest annual gathering of Tasmanian steam power has become something of an institution in the north-west.   SteamFest will be held over the March long weekend beside the original Sheffield railway station – just off Sheffield’s Main Street on the east end of the town, with the largest regular collection of working steam road traction engines.

There is nothing quite like the raw power inherent in the silence of a steam-powered machine.  A well tuned steam engine merely hisses as it turns over; none of the rumbles, explosions, and growls associated with the internal combustion machines of the time!  Of course, a steam machine with both the engine and boiler together can get noisy, as the bark of the exhaust up the chimney and the roar of the fire give indication of their presence.  Indeed you will often hear the phrase “the romance of steam” but never “the romance of diesel” – it just doesn’t sound right!  SteamFest is all about the “romance of steam”.

SteamFest is the Centre’s flagship event attracting up to 7,000 people to Sheffield over the 3 days to see just over 7 hectares of ground covered with exhibits and stalls.

Photos and information where supplied by sheffield steam website.